Founded in 2009, CareerTiger is a San Francisco Bay Area based team that helps professionals to accelerate their careers and avoid career stagnation.

Socially Responsible

There is a no better endeavor than one that *actually* helps people and the community. Helping others is noble, helping others with their careers is super noble.


The old playbook is dead. You *deserve* a smarter way to approach your career in this new environment.

No fees. Relationships > $s.

We are here to build a community and a movement.

Driven by results

We would rather help one person successfully than coach thousands of people with no results

The Team
Abhijeet Khadilkar
By the time he was 24, Abhijeet had been a computer salesperson, co-founder of a media marketing firm and a software developer. He has since spent the rest of his career working with executives to solve complex business problems for large global companies around Marketing, Sales, Finance and Information Technology.
Chirag Sheth
Chirag has worked in North America, Europe and Asia as a management and technology consultant to help clients with strategy and operational initiatives. His expertise is around business process reengineering, governance, transition advisory, and transformation strategies.
Jill Beaverson
Marketing extraordinaire Jill has worked with high profile clients around branding, marketing and PR. She provides highly effective publicity generation, branding, marketing development and media relations for clients ranging from social networks to consumer products.

Contact Us

Yes, we do read and respond to email :)

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